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Our solutions are designed to help innovations take off, transform various industry sectors and integrate into businesses.

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Patents Licensing

Patent Licensing Solution

Licensing patented technology to technology implementors can be an effective way of increasing your revenue and making profits from your intangible assets.

Patents Royalties

Patents Royalties Solution

Licensing model in which Inventor is paid by technology implementors based on


Patents Pools

Patent Pools Solutions

Aggregation of relevant Patents, helps both Licensors & Licensees to innovate to the fullest from multiple patents.

Patents Selling

Patent Sales Solutions

Selling Patent assets to operating companies and helping Patent owners to generate additional revenues.

Patents Acquisition

Patent acquisition solution

Acquiring patent assets helps in strengthening Patents Portfolios which in turn helps you to stay competitive and create MOAT.

Custom Solutions

Custom Patent Solutions

Focuses on custom solutions to drive growth

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