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Case Study : Enterprise

1. Customer Type 


2. Patent Family 

Internet of Things (IoT)

3. Challenge

Our client is an inventor & innovator, have received granted patent in IoT technology. They had an MVP ready and were looking for opportunities to monetize their patent.

Additionally, they were also interested in taking licenses of other patents to enhance their own technology.

4. Solution

The client approached NEUCONOMI®, which specializes in identifying monetization opportunities for patents.

NEUCONOMI® worked closely with the client to understand their goals and to identify potential licensing opportunities.

5. Results

After through analysis, NEUCONOMI® identified a potential licensing opportunity in the Health Tech IoT Ecosystem. The ecosystem included several companies that could benefit from the client's patent, including healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and software companies. The Patent Marketplace facilitated discussions between the client, as both licensor and licensee, and the ecosystem, and the licensing negotiations are currently in progress and is on track to monetize inventions.

6. Customer

We are very happy to engage NEUCONOMI®. It is need of the hour for organizations likes ours to commercialize our Patent portfolio. Good job done by team.

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